We help as many people as possible avoid ever-growing health issues in today's society by living a healthier lifestyle.

Success Stories

Steve ⇲

Steve changed his lifestyle, lost weight & Reversed His own type 2 diabetes.

Since then he Founded Fitness Flex Body Transformations and helps 1000s of his members to do the same.


Sally ⇲

Sally Lost over 30KG and now she says:

“Fitness Flex has changed my life for the better in so many ways, both physically and mentally..”

Neil ⇲

Neil Lost 7 Stone with Fitness Flex and has since became one of best trainers.

Here he says:
“I joined the Fitness Flex trainers to give something back.

My journey began like many others, I was heavily obese with a food & drink problem. Ive since lost 7 stone; competed in many obstacle course runs, running clubs & cycling events”


Sean ⇲

Sean lost and incredible 52 KG with His trainers at Fitness Flex!

A true lifestyle transformation.

Terri ⇲

Terri Achieved and amazing Body Transformation with Fitness Flex.

She loves training on all the early morning sessions at 5.20am and 6am.

Martin ⇲

Martin Lost 35 KIloGrams and is now healthier and looking younger.

He now runs marathons and raises £1000s for local charities.

Katie ⇲

*My journey…… For those who helped me get my first foot on that ladder that seemed impossible to climb and believed in me Matt Nutland Steve Dennis May Hart Sally Goodenough!! For those who made 6am burpees fun Emily Hawkins Kate Sefton Sharon Johnson Karen Lochhead!! And to all those who became friends along the way because we’re all as crazy about the FF family as each other, you are all too many to list… Never ever doubt your capabilites! Believe in yourself.

Gerry ⇲

Gerry joined us as she wanted to lose some weight and feel more confident in her clothes! She’s now in a size 12 jeans in her words…’this is a BIG deal is the last time I wore this size of jeans was in a different century’

Debs ⇲

Debs had lost confidence and need some help with her training and nutrition. She got on top of her training and was accountable for her nutrition cutting out treat and carbs but still having treat days. She lost an amazing 5 inches from her waist in JUST 12 weeks.

Olivia ⇲

Olivia first started PT as she needed some accountability and direction. She had a first goal of wanting to wear a bikini on a holiday which we achieved easily and has since been working on conditioning and strength.

Olivia really has been the perfect client she has followed instructions, been on point with her food and challenges herself in her training both in Bootcamp, PT and running!

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